How much alcohol will you need to be delivered for your event?

Planning a significant family celebration, a packed office party or a get-together of friends requires a unique approach. However, the Ontario delivery alcohol store has proven strategies to help you throw the perfect party!

What are the Tricks to Planning and Delivering Alcohol?

Which drinks are best to provide at any event? How many glasses can a bottle of wine hold? How many bottles should you buy? You have undoubtedly asked yourself these and other questions when planning a party.

To enjoy the party, you must plan alcohol Ontario delivery it carefully and deliberately. To determine the number of persons for whom you need to have alcohol, first deduct all non-drinkers and children from the total number of guests. Keep in mind that if the firm hires senior citizens, the outcome should be decreased by about 15%.

For the occasion, how much wine should be ordered?

Every two hours, prepare 12 bottles of alcohol for each visitor. The celebration lasts if a full meal is not planned and alcohol delivery in Ontario the only food served is light appetizers. Every three hours, you should give each visitor a half bottle of wine if the celebration starts after 7 o’clock or if you provide hard liquor.

If you’re serving dinner, consider your guests consuming 1-2 glasses as an aperitif and 2-3 drinks for each meal if visitors do it themselves, up the amount by 10%.

Once we have the necessary number of glasses, figure out how many bottles of wine you will need overall. For instance, six glasses of wine and six to seven glasses of sparkling wine can be served from a regular 750 ml bottle.

Red or white wine delivered with alcohol?


The following ratio should be taken into consideration while you undertake thorough research on ontario alcohol delivery:

  • If the party is outside and starts before five, prepare 70% white wine and 30% red wine.
  • After 5:00 p.m., 40% white and 60% red is the ideal ratio.
  • A party would be the same with sparkling champagne.

To calculate the amount of sparkling wine you’ll need for this event and the still wines you’ve already prepared, divide the number of guests by 7 (for enormous sparkling wine enthusiasts) or 9 (for average sparkling wine drinkers). Rounding that up gives you the required number of bottles.

When choosing the wine to offer, take inspiration from the dishes on your menu. There are options as well that you and your visitors will like.

Options for white wine include:

  • Chardonnay is popular with consumers.
  • For a fresh taste, choose Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Riesling and spicy food go along well.

Decide on a Red:

  • Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for a house party.
  • Merlot is recognized for its mild taste and chocolate flavour.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with barbecued food.

What makes complex liquor alcohol delivery preferable?

What quantity and kind of hard liquor should you select for the gathering? For every 50 people, there should be three bottles each of vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and cognac (but you can substitute any potent libation in its stead). Therefore, for every alcohol delivery Ontario bottle of hard liquor, you need 3 litres of non-alcoholic beverages.

Choose the online retailer for alcohol delivery for your event. Even though alcohol won’t spoil if stored, nobody wants to be in the awkward situation of running out of wine before the party ends.

Determine how much you can afford to spend on a bottle of wine in advance. After that, contact your neighbourhood liquor store for alcohol delivery. A salesperson can help you choose cocktails on sale or recommend delectable samples within your preferred price range.